About Vinest Global Nigeria Limited

Vinest Global is Nigeria’s leading supplier of top construction/building material and services. Our building products are made from the highest quality raw material to ensure your projects, commercial or residential meets your demand while projecting an elegant structure that will last longer.

Our company was founded on the principle of providing building materials when needed and were needed. We have constantly improved this process by introducing new technology into our operations which has improved our product and service efficiency. Using a creative and functional approach, we have a successful track record of providing construction material and executing related projects at a budget friendly cost while maintaining quality materials are being used from start to completion.

With years of experience in the building/construction sector, we created a professional, yet friendly relationship with suppliers, vendors, architects, builders, and personal clients. This relationship has strategically place us in a responsible position where we are accountable for the success of our commerce and private clients on all building project/requirements.